ETI-BNC Newsletter is an annual online publication to promote research and development activities with in the wide areas of wireless backhaul and fronthaul and related networking, communications and signal processing perspectives. The publication will include following components (combination of all of the following components or may be just few of the following components):

  • series of interviews from industrial and academic experts working in this research area;
  • an overview of high quality and high impact research papers;
  • visionary blue-sky research ideas addressing the backhaul/fronthaul challenges for 5G and beyond; and
  • updates on standardization developments and recent test/trials.

ETI-BNC Blog Editorial Board:

  • Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Muhammad Ali Imran (University of Glasgow)
  • Syed Ali Raza Zaidi (University of Leeds)
  • Omid Semiari (Georgia Southern University)

To give your feedback or if you would like to contribute please feel free to write at email: To read the recent or past blogs; follow appropriate link on left side of this page.